Deliver a Branded, Digital Experience to On-Site Visitors & Turn Guest Wi-Fi into a powerful Marketing Channel.

What is Wi-Fi Marketing?

Guest Wi-Fi is one of the most requested guest amenities and providing digital connectivity to your visitors is an expected utility. For many people, accessing guest WiFi is one of the first actions they take once they arrive at a physical space. This makes the Guest WiFi experience often the first touch point for interaction with your guests.

Businesses understand this need for connectivity, but often overlook the guest Wi-Fi channel as part of an omni-channel strategy. Omni-channel experiences are about leveraging data to develop physical experiences that act, behave, and can be understood like digital experiences. Guest WiFi marketing is a critical tool within an omni-channel marketing strategy, whether you are a larger retailer, a sports team, a museum, or a co-working space.

Every time a customer signs into your guest Wi-Fi, it is an opportunity to identify and validate that customer’s profile. Once a valid profile is secured, it enables personalized content that is relative to the individual, delivered in the moment, and is based on past behavior. This customer authentication - using guest WiFi - can be the bridge between your company’s CRM system and its foot traffic and closing this gap means more valid user profiles and better marketing ROI.

Guest Wi-Fi data is also first party data, defined as data collected directly from your audience. When you leverage Guest WiFi as a marketing channel, 100% of that data comes from first-party relationships with clear consumer opt-ins vs. second or third-party data that can come from a myriad of sources. can also enrich 1st party data you already have in your CRM, filling in the gaps in your user’s profiles. Properly obtaining and leveraging 1st party data has become an increasingly important topic as iOS14, data privacy and GDPR-like regulations continue to be an intensely debated topic both domestically and abroad. can keep your data collection activities compliant, no matter where your users reside.

Why leverage Wi-Fi?

Network User Authentication

Our identity management and data validity tools create a dynamic network of data, ensuring all guests are signing in with authentic information to access your guest network. Our data authentication and global blacklists eliminate worthless data in your CRM to create more effective marketing campaigns with higher ROI.

First-Party Data

Utilizing’s platform, businesses are able to collect first-party opt-in data from customers in return for guest WiFi access. The information captured creates a digital customer profile that can be leveraged for future targeted marketing journeys and promotions.

Live Engagement

Businesses are able to provide relevant, real-time, digital experiences to guests. delivers seamless one-to-one connection to enrich the customer experience and drive end user actions both on- and off-site.

Drive Marketing Initiatives

Businesses can create a valuable funnel for program acquisition and create new, contextually pinpointed digital inventory while gathering new data points every visit. can help centralize your database for gathering and managing visitor data and improve ongoing engagement via email, text or social retargeting.

What value can I expect from guest Wi-Fi marketing?

Try our value calculator to find out.

What Drives Wi-Fi Marketing Success

A successful Wi-Fi marketing strategy is driven by:

  • A simple yet well designed log on experience
  • Validation of user identities accessing the network
  • Personalization of the journey - each connected visitor is served personalized, curated content with engaging calls-to-action.


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