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What can I expect from Guest Wi-Fi Marketing?

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Wi-Fi Value Calculator

What can I expect from Guest Wi-Fi Marketing?

Using our Wi-Fi Marketing Calculator

Thank you for using our Wi-Fi Marketing Calculator. The purpose of this calculator is to estimate the valuation generation of leveraging your Guest Wi-Fi as a marketing channel. If you have been considering Guest Wi-Marketing but are unclear of the benefits, SocialSign.in’s Guest Wi-Fi Marketing solution allows businesses to collect first-party data from visitors signing into Guest Wi-Fi, while providing a premium custom branded experience for visitors on-site. For this Wi-Fi Marketing Value Calculator, we are making certain assumptions on your visitors Guest Wi-Fi usage and related conversion metrics. We use both industry standards for Guest Wi-Fi usage as well as internal metrics across our client base. For other fields, highlighted in blue, please use your company data to update the values.

Please see guidelines below to assist in completing this calculator.

Foot traffic: The number of guests that visit your business or site throughout all locations. Most businesses have fairly accurate foot traffic counts through ticketing data, POS systems, or customer tracking sensors. Contact us to assess your foot traffic if you need assistance.

Average Wi-Fi Attachment Rate: The percentage of visitors that will use your Guest Wi-Fi. Attachment rate is influenced by several factors, including rate of turnover and duration of visit. The longer the duration of a visit, the more likely guests will access your Wi-Fi networks. A quick service restaurant will have a higher rate of turnover and a shorter duration of stay as opposed to a specialty department store, with a lower rate of turnover and a longer duration.

Estimated Wi-Fi Marketing Card Impressions: SocialSign.in’s card content system allows you to promote your marketing programs in our card carousel, such as VIP membership, app downloads, and social media, as well as specialty cards such as survey questions and ads from your sponsors. These cards are served immediately following authentication of visitor profiles logging into Guest Wi-Fi. SocialSign.in global client data averages 2.8 card impressions per user.

Net New High Quality CRM Profiles: Our data validation process ensures that only accurate and valid customer profiles are collected and imported into CRM systems. This prevents worthless data in your CRM and ensures more accurate email lists. Based on data from our global email blacklists, we have estimated the percentage of valid profiles from the total log ins. Please update the value of a new profile from your internal company data.

Marketing Objectives: This section contains the most popular marketing program objectives that are featured in card content. Although this is illustrative of a typical card carousel, virtually any marketing objective can be a card on the system.

Sponsorship & Direct Monetization: This section is for sponsors and affiliate marketing advertising and lead generation. Many customers choose to have their advertisers place cards on the Guest Wi-Fi marketing channel, offsetting the cost of Wi-Fi marketing and generating revenue. It can also be a value add for sponsor and advertiser packages.