Service Pricing Guide

We have multiple tiers of service to match your organization's needs.
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Basics w/ Express Implementation


Minimum pricing is $500/mo billed annually.
Pricing available on an AP or location basis.

An out of the box solution for Guest WiFi Authentication and Marketing. Easiest way to get started and collect valid, authenticated user profiles. Upgrade at any time.

Best for small venues, single location retailers, and businesses that want to try our Guest WiFi technology without a large commitment of time or resources.


  • Custom designed, branded dynamic guest Wi-Fi portal
  • Access to's on-site marketing solution for Wi-Fi
  • One event instance/location experience
  • Unlimited call to action cards
  • Standard results reporting via the client dashboard
  • Email marketing platform integration & basic CRM integrations
  • Express implementation when using our preferred networking vendors
  • Multilingual support
  • Dedicated account management support and account services


Multi Location, Multi-Experience


Minimum pricing is $2,000/mo billed annually.
Pricing available on an AP or location basis.

For multiple location businesses or large venues seeking to easily provide situationally relevant experiences onsite to visitors. Venues can seamlessly switch Wi-Fi branding and content between events, seasons, shows, or regions. Most popular choice for Sports and Entertainment venues, Museums, and Commercial Real estate operators.

  Includes Everything in Business plus:

  • Multiple experiences for a given location (one experience running at any one time)
  • Multiple Branding
  • Automated Experience Switching
  • Reporting on aggregate basis, location groups and/or regions
  • Networks Implementation support for non-”express” networks such as Extreme, Aruba and Cisco Solutions
  • Advanced card functionality for Passes, Coupons & Redemptions
  • Elegant flow for anonymized devices (link)
  • Premium Tier Integrations (SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Tessitura...)
  • Datamart & Data Warehouse via Snowflake

Enterprise Plus

Custom Solutions For Large Businesses

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Flexible plans to meet your needs.

A deeply customizable solution for Guest WiFi Authentication and Marketing to fit any business needs. We create a bespoke approach for the most sophisticated networking setups with custom integrations that fit any CRM or Email Marketing Platform connection. Have multiple experiences running per zone, store, region, event simultaneously.

Best for any large multiple location business, or for businesses seeking advanced segmentation and targeting tools. Best Choice for Multi location retailers, Hospitality/Hotels, Schools, and CoWorking spaces.

  Includes Everything in Enterprise plus:

  • Multiple experiences for a given location by regions or zones (multiple experiences running simultaneously)
  • 1:1 Personalization of Content
  • Integrated Omni-channel experiences
  • User role security access tiers and data hierarchy controls
  • Fine Grain reporting detail
  • Premium Monetization Support (ad units with 3rd party and advanced card targeting) Trafficking support
  • Implementation for nonstandard networking equipment or complex networking environments.
  • Expanded Service and Support Desk Hours
  • Cloud hosting flexibility. Choose Azure or Google instead of AWS. Hosting available globally to meet any local requirements
  • Development support and access to apis for custom applications and use case development | Customized data feeds and integrations

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