All the tools you need to create a world-class marketing channel


Wi-Fi Authentication Service
Allow guests to connect onto your dedicated guest Wi-Fi network through a custom captive portal experience. Our technology identifies and validates user’s identities using their email or social media profile then requires users to accept the organization specific terms of use and privacy policy. also offers a user flow specially for privatized MAC address anonymous devices, our Quick Login Solution.
Multiple Experience / Location Management
Services to manage multiple locations and experiences for Wi-Fi authentication and marketing services. An experience is a custom branded, user-friendly digital walkthrough of your organization’s marketing program initiatives while connecting to guest Wi-Fi. Experiences are designed to enhance the visitor experience and content can change conditional to a specific area of your property, zone, or date.
Multilingual Support
Support for 27+ languages natively based on the device settings. Content Cards and messaging can also be multilingual. ADA support is also integrated automatically within the service.


Smarter Email Verification
Service to score email address validity and alter platform actions based on status. We can take multiple actions on email validity, including bouncing people from the network, requiring they provide correct credentials, email and SMS confirmation of log in, etc.
Network User Identity Service
Our network of networks provides global shared blacklists of bad email addresses that prevent guests from providing false/invalid contact information and cluttering up your CRM with bad profile.


Cards are the content units on the card carousel that will serve up your marketing content.

Card Manager
Web application for managing content cards across experiences and locations.
Card Builder
Web application for building new cards, our main content building mechanism.
Card Reporting
Reporting services for cards (impressions, conversions, etc.) Card reporting can be done at an aggregate level or disaggregated by location, experience, or even campaign level.
Survey / User Data Collection
Survey and data collection features using cards Use survey cards to augment additional demographics data and ask questions of your foot traffic.
Campaign Management
Services and reporting around managing complex card campaigns (multi-location, sponsor/ vendor access). Passes, Coupons & Redemptions Trackable passes, coupons and redemptions; Includes iOS passbook/ wallet integration Coupons can be downloadable, emailed, or SMS.
Paid Media Targeting / Retargeting
Service to populate retargeting, look-a-like or interest based audiences on paid media networks or use our network inventory to reach users or look-a-like users.


Inbound Text/SMS Experience
Ability to connect a phone number to an experience and use as a secondary communication channel.
Web Embeddable
Ability to embed cards on the web.


Executive Dashboard
Summary Overview of interests, demographics, sign ons, opt-ins, Time Series Overview and current content card data. The command center for your Wi-Fi marketing channel.
Live Dashboard
Live activity per location or experience updated continuously. Enterprise Location Permissions Sets user permissions, roll-ups and restrictions for services required to service a large enterprise deployment. Ability to give specific permissions based on roles, both internal, and external (advertisers and sponsor).
Interest Graph
Visualization of trending associations on Facebook from your audience.
Activity Feed
Running stream of events from an experience or location.


Searchable User Dataset
Web application for accessing data on user profiles, events and managing segmentation across Wi-Fi experiences, text, email, and URL. Ability for 2 way communication from both CRM -> database and database -> CRM.
Segment Generation Tool
Web application for generating new segments or reporting groups based on multiple criteria. Facebook Graph Data Processing Service for processing Facebook interest and profile information for trends and marketing correlations.


Hosted Datamart
Dedicated managed data cluster for the customer on Snowflake Redshift.
Inbound Data Connection
Toolbox for bringing data inside our hosted environment including Card API and tagging and pulling attributes from CRM.


With over 90+ CRM and EMS integrations, integrate the Guest Wi-Fi channel into your existing marketing journeys.
For more detailed information, check out our Integrations page.

Salesforce App
Seamless way to integrate Wi-Fi into your Salesforce.
Tessitura Integration
Seamless integration for Tessitura clients.
Email Service Providers
Multiple Connectors in place for the major ESPs.
Webhook Functionality
Tailor a Webhook to fire for different types of events- completely customizable.