The Retailer’s Perspective - Monetizing First-Party Data

Retail media networks are becoming increasingly valuable tools for retailers, allowing them to both enhance the shopping experience and unlock new revenue streams. By incorporating the power of Guest Wi-Fi, the advantages for retailers expand even further. Here's a comprehensive look at how retail media networks prove beneficial to retailers:


Monetization of Shopper Data
Retailers routinely gather significant customer data across their online and offline touchpoints. With retail media networks, this data asset becomes a source of revenue providing targeted advertising avenues and opportunities for brands. This setup lets brands target shoppers with highly targeted ads that align closely with their preferences, habits, and demographic details. Integrating Guest Wi-Fi can amplify this by capturing insights right at the start of the in-store journey, as customers connect upon entering as opposed to at the point of sales or at checkout.


New Revenue Stream

Beyond traditional retail margins, retailers can unlock fresh income by selling ad space across their digital assets, from websites to apps and even email newsletters. This income diversification can offset operational expenses and elevate overall profits. Furthermore, with Guest Wi-Fi, retailers have an avenue to showcase promotions or products directly to consumers, offering an in-store inventory of opportunities that can augment the digital signage already in-store with no additional hardware investment.


Enhanced Supplier Relationships

Retail media networks facilitate collaboration between retailers and their suppliers or vendors. Brands that sell their products through a retailer's platform are often more willing to invest in larger advertising campaigns to ensure their products gain visibility and sales to the right audience. Such dynamics foster robust partnerships and can lead to strategic collaborations.


Personalized Shopping Experience

Using shopper data, retailers can curate a more personalized ad experience for consumers. This personal touch, displaying products closely aligned with a shopper's preferences, boosts engagement and conversions. The integration of Guest Wi-Fi emphasizes this by presenting offers at the start of the in-store experience, garnering 100% attention when customers aren't distracted by other in-aisle elements.


Higher Ad Relevance

Retail media networks enable retailers to serve highly targeted ads to shoppers on behalf of their advertiser brands. This increases the relevance of the advertisements and reduces ad fatigue, and improves the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Optimized Inventory Management

Retailers can leverage their knowledge of inventory levels and sales trends to help brands optimize their advertising strategies. For instance, if a product is overstocked, the retailer can work with the brand to promote that product more prominently through advertising campaigns.


Competitive Advantage

Retail media networks can give retailers a competitive edge by offering unique advertising solutions that combine the retailer's customer insights with targeted yet robust advertising capabilities. This approach can attract more brands to partner with the retailer for advertising, driving further revenue and growth.


Control and Customization

Retailers maintain oversight over the content displayed on their platforms ensuring that the ads align with their brand image and values. They can also customize the look and placement of the ads to seamlessly integrate with their user interface. Tailored ads integrate seamlessly, preserving a unified and intuitive user experience.


Data Analytics and Insights

Retail media networks are treasure troves of data, offering in-depth insights into shopper behaviors, tendencies, and purchasing patterns. This intelligence can shape diverse facets of the retail operation, from product selections to overarching marketing strategies.


Adapting to Digital Trends

The continual shift towards online shopping mandates that retailers evolve and find new ways to connect with consumers in the digital space. Retail media networks are pivotal in this evolution, helping retailers monetize their digital interfaces, leverage their online presence, and stay relevant.


In summation, retail media networks empower retailers to further monetize their digital platforms, customer insights, and industry affiliations. By incorporating tools like Guest Wi-Fi, the advantages multiply, creating scenarios where both retailers and brands relish the benefits of precision advertising and enhanced revenues.