Recap of the ICSC Big Show in Las Vegas

The ICSC Big Show in Las Vegas is one of the most anticipated events in the commercial real estate industry, and this year's conference was nothing short of transformative. Our CEO, Mike Perrone, and the sales team attended the event. We are thrilled to share some of the key themes and insights we gathered from this remarkable experience.

Key Themes and Observations


1. Experience, Experience, Experience

One of the predominant themes at the conference was the importance of creating engaging and memorable experiences. The shift towards mixed-use spaces that capture attention and time is reshaping the retail landscape. Retailers and property developers are focusing on making their spaces not just places to shop but destinations where people can spend time and enjoy unique experiences. This trend underscores the critical role of experiential retail in attracting and retaining customers.


2. The Power of Unique Shopper Insights

Data has long been a cornerstone of retail strategy, but the focus is increasingly on unique insights about shoppers. These insights are becoming crucial in leasing relationships, as landlords and retailers alike seek to understand their customers on a deeper level. A data relationship will soon be a basic requirement, providing a foundation for more personalized and effective marketing strategies. The ability to offer unique, actionable insights is set to become a significant differentiator in the market.


3. The Future of Retail Advertising

While traditional out-of-home advertising remains valuable, there is a growing opportunity in media network-style units that deliver personalized, targeted, and informative ads. This shift represents a massive opportunity for retailers to engage customers more effectively and drive sales. Personalized advertising, powered by advanced data analytics, is poised to revolutionize the way retailers communicate with their audiences.


4. Building Direct Relationships with Customers

A critical observation from the conference is that many CRE firms are not yet fully recognizing their retail customers as their owned audience. In an era where convenience is no longer a key differentiator—especially in malls—building direct relationships with customers becomes essential. This shift is vital as the industry moves towards marketing experiences over mere convenience. Developing these direct relationships will enable retailers and property managers to create more engaging and loyal customer bases.


5. Moving Beyond Aggregated Data

There is a growing saturation of aggregated statistics, such as footfall and generalized demographics, which often create a lot of high-level noise. The future lies in moving beyond these aggregated metrics to achieve a one-to-one understanding of customers or at least better segmentation. This deeper level of insight will be the key differentiator, allowing retailers to tailor their offerings and marketing efforts to individual preferences and behaviors.


Looking Ahead

The insights gained from the ICSC Big Show are invaluable as we continue to navigate the evolving commercial real estate and retail landscape. At, we are committed to staying at the forefront of these trends, leveraging technology and data to help our clients create high-converting WiFi captive portals and enhance their customer experiences.

We look forward to applying these learnings to our work and continuing to drive innovation in the commercial real estate sector.