Navigating the Next Frontier in Retail Media: The Pivotal Insights from Adweek's Retail Media Summit 2023

In an era where the confluence of digital engagement and physical retail becomes increasingly pronounced, attended the Retail Media Summit 2023, hosted by Adweek. This forum, which gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry, was rife with strategic foresight and actionable intelligence. While the summit traversed various dimensions of retail advertising, it was the unspoken potential of guest Wi-Fi that resonated with our team as a transformative force in this evolving narrative.


Summit Synopsis: Expert Insights and Future Directions


Embracing Omnichannel Engagement:

Emily Baynard from The Mars Agency captured the essence of modern consumer behavior with her observation: "Eight out of ten people in Target are using their phones in-store." This statistic not only underscores the omnipresence of mobile devices in retail spaces but also  highlights the untapped opportunities for engaging customers through guest Wi-Fi - providing a direct channel to deliver personalized content and promotions.


The Rise of Retail Media Networks (RMNs):

Erin Lastra of Criteo shared a bold prediction that "Over 90% of retailers will have an RMN within two years." This sentiment echoes the forward-thinking statement by Will Lee, who highlighted the transformation of retailers into media powerhouses, asserting that "attention is the most important commodity." These insights reinforce the strategic value of guest Wi-Fi as a versatile and direct medium for capturing consumer attention in-store.


Strategic Collaboration for RMN Success:

Pamela Young stressed the importance of integrated strategies, stating, "For successful Retail Media Network strategies, it is important to work in lockstep with email, loyalty, and offers teams." This highlights the need for a holistic approach to consumer engagement, where guest Wi-Fi can be a synergistic tool, enhancing the impact of cross-channel marketing efforts.


The Year of In-Store Innovation:

Erin Lastra also emphasized the impending focus on brick-and-mortar retail, declaring that "2024 is the year of in-store." This projection aligns perfectly with the capabilities of guest Wi-Fi, presenting a clear pathway for retailers and brands to innovate the in-store experience through technology.


Guest Wi-Fi: The Strategic Nexus in Retail Media

The summit's discourse, while not directly addressing guest Wi-Fi, presented an implicit acknowledgment of the need for innovative customer engagement solutions—a domain where guest Wi-Fi is positioned to excel:


For Retailers:

Enhancing In-Store Experiences: Guest Wi-Fi can leverage the prevalent use of mobile devices in-store to deliver value directly to the consumer’s hands, transforming the shopping experience into an interactive journey.

Pioneering New Revenue Streams: As retailers evolve into media companies, guest Wi-Fi stands as a new frontier for advertising revenue, effectively utilizing the attention commodity underscored by Will Lee.


For Brands:

Immediate Consumer Engagement: With the insight that in-store is the new focal point, guest Wi-Fi marketing enables brands to engage consumers at the entry point, echoing Erin Lastra’s vision for 2024.

First-Party Data Leveraging: It provides brands the opportunity to tap into rich first-party data, aligning with Pamela Young’s strategy for integrated retail media networks.


In Summation

Reflecting on the insights shared at the Retail Media Summit 2023, it’s clear that the interplay between digital and physical retail is accelerating. Solutions like guest Wi-Fi, which offer a direct channel to engaged consumers, are becoming essential tools. At, we are at the forefront of this shift, ready to support retailers and brands in harnessing the full potential of guest Wi-Fi, transforming it from an auxiliary service into a core component of retail media strategy.


Are you prepared to elevate your customer experience and capitalize on the untapped potential of guest WiFi? Reach out to today, and let's craft a retail media strategy that elevates the in store experience.