[Case Study] Beyond the Ticket: Unleashing Fan Potential with SocialSign.in

Our collaboration with Major League Soccer & United Soccer League teams showcases the transformative power of SocialSign.in. Each team, facing unique challenges in fan engagement and data collection, recognized our solution's potential to connect with and deeply understand their diverse fan base, many of whom were previously untraceable as secondary ticket holders. This case study explores how SocialSign.in unlocked new engagement and data collection opportunities, dramatically enhancing the fan experience.


The Story of the MLS and USL Teams

Inter Miami FC, Houston Dynamo, Orlando City SC, and LouCity, each with their vibrant fan culture, faced a shared challenge in capturing comprehensive first-party fan data. Fan engagement is not just a metric for these clubs; it's a critical component of their success both on and off the field. They sought a solution to identify and engage with their diverse fan base more personally and meaningfully. SocialSign.in, with its ability to connect with both primary and secondary ticket holders, emerged as the ideal partner, using guest Wi-Fi technology for data analytics and targeted communication.

“SocialSign.in has improved Houston Dynamo's data acquisition and promotion of club memberships and premium seating. Through their platform, we've gained crucial insights from fan WiFi logins, enabling targeted promotions that have boosted membership and premium seating interest. Their tool has transformed how we understand and engage our fans." Connor Glick, Director, Strategy & Business Intelligence at Houston Dynamo FC

The Challenge of Unknown Fans

The teams previously struggled with a lack of detailed first-party data from a large segment of their game-day attendees, especially non-ticket purchasers. This data gap led to missed opportunities in personalizing fan experiences, potentially losing revenue and fan loyalty. Additionally, the clubs were keen to explore new avenues for digital advertising and creating personalized fan experiences through the guest Wi-Fi.

"SocialSign.in has enabled us to fill the gaps of unknown visitors in our building, providing us with actionable data on fans who might not have been the primary ticket purchasers and enabling us to re-engage them in an attempt to move them down our engagement funnel." Pedro Araujo, SVP of Marketing & Brand at Orlando City SC.

Why The Teams Chose SocialSign.in

The decision for SocialSign.in was driven by its exceptional capability in identifying and engaging previously unreachable fans and collecting vital first-party data. The platform’s high conversion rate surveys and robust data privacy measures offered a comprehensive solution that stood out. Feedback from the teams highlighted SocialSign.in's superior user experience and analytics capabilities as key decision factors.

"SocialSign.in has enhanced our ability to identify and engage with potential season ticket members at Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville FC. The multi-step survey process not only segments our audience right at WiFi login but also effectively gauges their interest in membership renewal or upgrade options. This strategic insight has helped us in refining our marketing strategies and increasing our membership numbers." Evan Alvarez, Business Intelligence Manager at LouCity

How The Teams Used SocialSign.in

After implementing SocialSign.in, the teams began capturing valuable first-party data from fans beyond the primary ticket holders through the guest Wi-Fi network. This enabled the teams to:

• Increase Brand Visibility: Engaging visitors on the Wi-Fi marketing channel not only enhanced the fan experience but also fed the teams' sales, marketing, and operations with actionable data points.

• Gather Demographics Data: Utilizing a combination of content cards, surveys, and multi-step surveys, the platform empowered teams to collect detailed demographics and preferences. This enriched fan profiling enhances targeted marketing efforts and personalizes fan experiences.

• Control Messaging and Content: Our platform allowed the teams to own and control messaging, delivering an on-brand and personalized experience. This deepened the connection with visitors, customers, and the community.

• Accelerate Customer Acquisition: SocialSign.in's technology significantly boosted customer acquisition, enhancing ticket and merchandise sales, and increasing mobile app downloads. It ensured every visitor received a personalized and engaging experience on their mobile devices during stadium visits.

The Results

With SocialSign.in, the clubs saw a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of first-party fan data. Fans enjoyed more tailored experiences, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction. The actionable insights gained from the data collection played a crucial role in shaping the clubs' marketing and fan engagement initiatives, fostering a deeper connection with their audience.

For the 2023 season, LouCity experienced outstanding engagement and data collection efficiency through SocialSign.in, demonstrating the platform's powerful impact. The club secured 6,200 opt-ins and 20,341 sign-ins from 9,690 unique visitors, illustrating the platform’s success in captivating fan interest and enhancing engagement significantly.


Multi-step survey results from SocialSign.in provided deep insights:

• "Are you a season ticket holder?" attracted 11,044 impressions and 8,829 conversions, showcasing a remarkable 79.94% conversion rate.

The question "How likely are you to renew?" received 2,106 impressions, with 1,808 conversions for an 85.84% conversion rate, underlining strong fan loyalty.

Asking fans "Which of these offers is most appealing to you?" yielded 6,856 impressions and 4,805 conversions, achieving a 70.01% conversion rate, indicating significant interest in the club's promotions.


A MLS team also achieved remarkable success in the 2023 season, recording 24,929 total opt-ins and deeply engaging their fan base. The platform's surveys revealed exceptional conversion rates:

An 82.97% conversion rate highlighted the effectiveness of identifying season ticket holders.

The likelihood of season ticket renewal was confirmed with a 91.75% conversion rate, underlining strong fan commitment.

Interest in specific offers was captured, achieving a 66.43% conversion rate, showcasing high fan engagement with the team’s promotions.


This case study highlights the transformative impact of first-party data on fan engagement, showcased by successes such as over 65% opt-in rates and conversion rates averaging 80% for MLS and USL teams. Explore how SocialSign.in can enhance the fan experience and improve data collection at your venue. For a custom solution that leverages these proven outcomes, visit socialsign.in or contact our sales team at sales@socialsign.in. Elevate fan engagement and data insights to new heights with SocialSign.in.