Three Ways to Amplify In-Store Analytics Using Guest Wi-Fi

Retailers employ an array of in-store analytics tools, from footfall sensors, cameras, and Guest Wi-Fi to gather accurate insights into in-store customer behavior and connect with shoppers in meaningful ways. Customers expect a consistent shopping experience across both physical and digital channels. Retailers now can leverage their Guest Wi-Fi to engage shoppers on-site with a branded, personalized digital experience to acquire validated, first-party shopper profiles, and connect their Wi-Fi data directly with their CRM and email systems.

For a Guest Wi-Fi strategy to be successful and effective for your in store analytics, it needs to be more than a splash page that registers sign-ins and collects email addresses. Guest Wi-Fi solutions need to accomplish multiple functions - connect with customers across multiple stores using a cohesive branded marketing solution, verify customers identities while using the network, provide personalized in store experience tailored to their specific needs and behaviors, encourage customers to download apps and loyalty programs (and reach customers digitally that don't use apps), and extract relevant data that actually helps retailers to understand their customer base.


1. Verify the identity of in store shoppers - even if they don't purchase anything.

Every time a customer signs into your guest Wi-Fi, it is an opportunity to identify and validate that customer’s profile. Once a valid profile is secured, it enables personalized content that is relative to the individual, delivered in the moment, and is based on past behavior. Our data validity technology creates a dynamic network of data, ensuring all end users are signing on with authentic information to access the guest network. The network approach toward identity allows for customers with a previously valid identity to automatically be recognized for visits, repeat visits, or when coming from another network location, reducing friction and worthless data in your CRM, and creating more effective marketing experiences with higher ROI.


2. Gather demographics information for in-store marketing - extracting the metrics that really matter.

Create a truly dynamic, multilingual experience for each connected user. Content is selected based on prior visits, CRM data, segmentation and/or targeting criteria. Repeat visitors can receive fresh content each time they connect. The Guest Wi-Fi portal can serve content dynamically based on the user, context of visit, repeat rate, location or segmentation. Content served can include survey questions, ads / offers, social media calls to action, app downloads, loyalty acquisition and more. Focusing on a few key metrics such as verified identity, number of new customers versus repeat customers, login method (email vs phone number vs social identity), age, gender, OS type, and content card impressions delivers more value than how long guests used your network or duration of time in store.


3. Drive in-store conversions and redemptions - and drive ROI.

By bridging digital personas with real life identities, retailers can provide better in-store marketing. Guest Wi-Fi marketing is the most effective mechanism to drive email programs, mobile app adoption, loyalty memberships, and credit card signups.Guest Wi-Fi can reach shoppers who use Wi-Fi but not apps and aren’t currently loyalty members, leveraging technology already present in the store. Retailers who are able to identify the customer profiles most likely to take advantage of particular offers can go beyond one-size-fits-all strategies to send in-store promotions to customers onsite when they’re most likely to make or add to a purchase. The guest Wi-Fi technology then prompts shoppers to download the app without having to search for it. For shoppers who already have the mobile app downloaded they can access it quickly from the Wi-Fi cards. 

Retailers use Guest Wi-Fi marketing to promote corporate marketing objectives, gain valuable insights on visitor behaviors, enhance the customer experience, and create relationships with consumers. Wi-Fi marketing can turn a basic commodity into a revenue generation channel and create a valuable digital asset, becoming a vital source of data for your in store analytics.

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